1. Live, Movies, and Series Streaming Support:The platform supports live TV channels, movies, and TV series streaming.

  2. Parental Control:The platform includes a feature that allows parents to restrict access to certain content based on age ratings or other criteria.

  3. EPG Guide Integration:The platform integrates an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that provides information about TV programs, such as schedules and channel listings.

  4. Master Search:This feature allows users to search for specific content across all available movies, series, and live TV channels.

  5. Continue Watching, Recently Watched, and Favorites Listing:The platform keeps track of the user’s viewing history, allowing them to continue watching from where they left off. It also enables users to mark content as favorites for easy access.

  6. TV catch-up streaming is supported:Users can stream previously aired TV shows or episodes they may have missed.

  7. Multi-Playlist and Multi-screen Supported:The platform allows users to create multiple playlists and supports streaming on various devices simultaneously.

  8. Local audio and video file playing is supported: Users can play audio and video files stored locally on their devices.

  9. Chrome Casting Integration:The platform is integrated with Google Chromecast, allowing users to cast the content to a TV or other compatible devices.

  10. External player integration is possible:Users can play the content using an external media player.

  11. Media Player Control:Users have control over the playback of the content, including options such as play, pause, next, previous, adjusting play speed, and viewing the content in picture-in-picture mode. It also supports recording abilities.

  12. Ability to open the list of episodes and channels on the media player: Users can access a list of episodes or channels within the player interface.

  13. Ability to resume video of an Episode or Movie from where it’s left: Users can continue watching a specific TV episode or movie from where they left.

  14. Dynamic language switching is supported:The platform allows users to switch between different languages for the user interface and subtitles.

  15. 1 MultiDNS Supported:The platform can connect to multiple panels or sources for streaming content.

  16. Compatible with M3u8 Playlist Format and Player API Based PanelLike Xtream UI, Xui One, 1-Stream Panel, NXT, etc.: The platform is compatible with the M3u8 playlist format commonly used for streaming media. It also supports the XC API, a player API used in IPTV services.

  17. It can be developed with Your API and CMS: The platform can be customized and developed using the user’s API (Application Programming Interface) and CMS (Content Management System).

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