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May 4, 2020
Dear Community members,

With this Thread we would like to introduce the *verified seller" status to you.
First of all there is a question to be answered. And that is: why verified?

Perhaps you had direct or indirect experience also.
Unfortunately, there are many providers who either do not deliver the promise or even in extreme cases they cheat people. We do NOT want to have such conditions in this forum.

So that we can offer a certain transparency and security in this forum, we verify seller-members and monitor their activities continuously.

All verified sellers receive Blue Font Color on their usernames and Reseller TAG *Verified Seller* on their profiles after successful verification process:


For this reason we would like to appeal to all interested members:
Only verified sellers may offer trial and subscription offers.
For security reasons, do not accept offers from non-verified members and report them immediately.

Note that: IPTV Community.NET takes no responsibility for the content offered by verified members.
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